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Chiropractic Adwords Tips

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Generating new patients at your clinic can be done easily online! Check out these chiropractic AdWords tips that will help improve your campaign strategy. Spinal screenings, health fairs, lunch and learns, and other guerilla chiropractic marketing techniques that have been used for the last 40 plus years provide results, but it’s time to add online advertising to the mix. Technology is a part of everyday life, so use these tips to improve or create your own chiropractic AdWords campaign.


Use These Chiropractic Adwords Tips:
  1. Perform a review of who your current patients are and where they are coming from. Patient demographics can target keywords about your typical chiropractic patient profile. Use Google Trends to see general keyword ideas that will be beneficial to your campaign.
  2. Status of the campaign should be checked a minimum of 1x per week to ensure stability and to perform continual optimizations.Google Adwords Tips
  3. Recommendations from Google should not be instantly implemented. AdWords “Optimizations” tank campaigns and end up being very costly to the owner. A disclaimer at the bottom can be found saying your campaign has been computer generated and to always check things yourself.
  4. Improve your Google Ad Rank. This is key to saving money in the long run. Ad relevancy, landing page experience, and click-through rate (CTR) are all important and could have several books written on each. There are help files within your Google AdWords account that can provide insight on best practices.
  5. Landing pages are essential. As a result, this will ensure you’re not wasting clicks away to a homepage or other generic page. Why drive traffic if they will just bounce off your site immediately and not convert? (This can also be negative for overall SEO)

Numerous chiropractors come to me with because they are facing many of these issues. Every mistake can be costly to your AdWords budget. It’s important to know the best practices for SEO, PPC and SEM so that you don’t waste money and time figuring it out.  

We encourage you to contact us to evaluate outsourcing your campaign to the experts. Our approach will save you an enormous amount of money and time while delivering the results you want, new patients.